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The law in the UK is here to ensure that everyone is treated fairly. If you’ve paid for a product or service that you believe fell short in some way, or perhaps have a dispute over money or a defective product, it may be worth talking to us. This doesn’t necessarily have to involve a massive sum of money. We handle civil litigation cases for all sorts of issues: from defective vehicles to bad building works or unpaid invoices.

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Civil Litigation and Consumer Rights

What does Civil Litigation Cover

Under UK law, you’ve got a very large set of rights when it comes to everything from consumer rights to employment rights. Whether you’ve suffered losses through a consumer, employment, or domestic issue – or even as the result of a personal injury – we’re here to help uphold those rights.

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Can civil litigation help with my consumer rights?

The consumer law in the UK gives you a long list of rights enabling you to be treated reasonably when you pay for any product or service. If you believe that a product you’ve paid for is in any way defective or counterfeit, or a service you’ve paid for was below expectation or below-par, the law is on your side and we can help you.

In the first instance, it’s always worth speaking to the provider of the product or service to see if they’re willing to give a refund or some other satisfactory resolution.

However, if they aren’t prepared to help resolve matters to your satisfaction, we may be able to begin civil litigation on your behalf.


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Can I claim for a holiday dispute?

We all look forward to special weekend breaks, and perhaps even a couple of weeks in the sun every year. It’s massively disappointing if the brochure promised you the holiday of a lifetime, but the reality was somewhat different.

Fortunately, if you’ve paid for any travel-related service, consumer law says that:

  • Where you’ve booked a package holiday, the hotel and facilities must be described accurately
  • The holiday must be of a reasonable standard, directly relating to how it was described, the price and the location
  • If you’ve paid by credit card when booking your holiday and something goes wrong, you may be able to claim your money back from the credit card company