About Us

Envision Solicitors

We are a modern multi-service law firm based in the north west of England supplying great legal advice and representation to clients nationwide.

Our solicitors offer guidance and support for a range of legal matters: personal injury, medical negligence, industrial disease and housing disrepair.

With a high level of expertise and legal know-how, we will guide you through the process from beginning to end.

Meet the Founder


Our director and lead solicitor, Ismail Limbada, has over 10 years experience in a diverse range of legal cases, including personal injury, housing disrepair, industrial disease and road traffic accident. Not only has Ismail helped clients secure the compensation they deserve, but he has also enabled them to access the rehabilitation, medical care and support they need to make the best recovery possible.

Making A Start

It’s really simple to get started with us. A friendly team of solicitors awaits your instruction. If you, your family, or your business need any legal assistance then you needn’t look any further. 

get to know each other

We want to get to know each and everyone of our clients on a personal basis.

understanding your rights

With our knowledge across our team, we will make sure that we represent you the best way.

determining your goals

This is all about what you want as an outcome, so let us know what the best scenario would be for you.

Our team of experts are here for you