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Occupiers liability claims cover you for an accident or injury you sustain on the premises of a privately owned property, for example, in a restaurant or shopping store.

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You must be able to prove six things to make a claim, these are listed in the Occupiers Liability Act 1957 (OLA)

  • That the Occupier is an occupier as defined by the OLA
  • You were entitled to be on the premises i.e. were a lawful visitor
  • The danger that caused the injury was due to the state of the property rather than an activity occurring on it
  • The danger was something that the occupier knew about or should have known about
  • The danger was something the occupier could have reasonably guarded against
  • That the occupier’s failure has caused the injury and/or losses

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Some helpful tips to help your claim

Because of the Claimant’s (your) need to prove there has been a breach of duty, it is definitely beneficial when involved in an accident to obtain and keep the following

  • A picture of the danger you were injured upon
  • Any documents in relation to your presence upon the property, tickets etc.


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